When you’re raised in a house where no one speaks you start to listen to what isn’t said. The possibilities are endless and so you understand very quickly, not all whispers are meant for you. ‘Whispering a Secret into a Sealed Bag’ presents itself as an indecipherable mystery. A labyrinth of clues centered around a family unit that leads readers down an indiscernible path. By interacting with the various twists and turns throughout the book, participants are invited into a state of ‘not knowing’. In which there is a premise of a family secret, but no real sense of certainty or closure amidst the speculation. Drawing on family archives, as well as my own photographs, the project offers a simulation of my own childhood experiences, An environment shrouded in secrecy and whispers, centered around the feeling that everyone knows something, except for you.

  Selected images from Whispering a Secret into a Sealed Bag, 192 pages, 147 x 98mm.